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Dr. Ayad Al Shakarchi
Consultant General Surgeon
Licence No : 7441
Qualification : Arab Board in General Surgery
Country : Iraq
Dr. Shaimaa Khalil Rihan
General Practitioner
Licence No : 5446
Qualification : MCH Diploma , M.B.B.Ch : Alexandria University
Country : Egypt
Dr. Sameha Fawas Algohmani
Consultant OBS/GYN
Licence No : P11753
Qualification : Phd in OBS/GYN
Country : Syrian Arab Republic
Dr. Abdulrahman mahmoud
Consultant Internal Medicine
Licence No : P9262
Qualification : Consultant Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology
Country : Syrian Arab Republic
Dr. Ali Bayraktar
Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
Licence No : P11769
Qualification : Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Country : Iraq
Dr. Saleem K. Khoury
Consultant Pediatric Dentistry
Licence No : 1034
Qualification : The American Board of Pediatric Dentistry , Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies “CAGS” in Pediatric ,Dentistry- New York University Dental College,Doctor of Dentistry - Damascus University
Country : Ireland
Dr. Shade Hamadeh
Oral Surgery and Implantology
Licence No : 5535
Qualification : Oral Surgeon
Country : United Kingdom
Dr. Afrah Saleh Shaaban
Consultant Dermatology
Licence No : 6096
Qualification : Consultant Dermatology
Country : Syrian Arab Republic
Dr. Muhannad Ahmad Diab
Consaltant General & Laparoscopic Surgeon
Licence No : 6256
Qualification : Phd in General surgery ( Ministry of Health )
Country : Syrian Arab Republic
Dr. Ashvini Usman Ustad
General Dentist
Licence No : D8643
Qualification : General Dentist
Country : India
Dr. Serge Achkar
Consultant Orthodontics
Licence No : D673
Qualification : Consultant Orthodontics
Country : Lebanon