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Cosmetic surgery is a field of medicine where art and science are combined.  It is a medical specialty concerned with the correction or restoration of form and function of a certain part of the body.
Our plastic surgery clinic is widely recognize for its skillful and artistic approach to cosmetic surgery.  Variety of cosmetic surgeries such as liposuction, abdominoplasty, rhinoplasty and breast augmentation are among the procedures that we do.
Other skin care alternatives like Botox for wrinkles reduction, Fillers, Mesotherapy, Skin contouring by laser, Modern Crystal Peeling and hair loss management by TIDA (a modern Italian device) are conveniently performed.
Our unique approach is to fulfill your expectations.  We will explain to you the benefits of each option and help you choose the proper treatment for your condition.
Liposuction and fat injection.
Abdominoplasty and body contouring.
Breast lifting, reduction and augmentation.
Rhinoplasty , face lift , blepharoplasty 
Cleft lip, cleft Palate and Otoplasty.
Removal of pilonidal sinus, Warts, Moles, Sebaceous cyst and lipoma by modern technology.
Treatment of burn and post surgical scars.
Reduction of wrinkles with botox, fillers and mesotherapy.
Laser for excess hair, Pigmentation, and spider veins.
Break down of fats, treatment of cellulite and firming of breast by modern technology (Vela shape II, SPM).
Assessment of skin features ( pigmentation , wrinkles, porphrins) by 3D advanced Visia camera
Er.Yag Laser For Skin rejuvenation , skin resurfacing, removal of acne and surgical scars

Although diet, exercise and flattering clothing style help many look better, others remain dissatisfied because of stubborn, unsightly bulges. In women, those fat deposits occur most frequently from the waist down, on hips, buttocks and outer thighs (saddlebags). Fat deposits on men tend to accumulate above the waist, on the abdomen and sides of the waist. 
Now with a procedure called liposuction surgery, both men and women can improve the contours of their bodies through a relatively simple and safe technique. In Which patient can lose from 5 –7 liters and can be done either under local or general  anesthesia 
For those patients wishing to turn back the clock, Botox® helps eliminate wrinkles and frown lines. The procedure actually takes about five minutes,  done on an outpatient basis, affordable and painless. After your Botox treatments you may resume all normal activities. Patients can see results after four hours. Though most results are visible in two days and the full effects can be seen in ten days. 
Over the years Botox, has proven to be remarkably safe. Today, it is widely used in people of all ages. In our clinic we only use the authentic Botox.
Botox Injections
What is  the hottest new craze in Aesthetic Medicine today? It is Botox!!! For those patients wishing to turn back the clock, Botox helps eliminate wrinkles, crow’s feet, and frown lines. The procedure actually takes about five minutes, is done on an outpatient basis, is relatively inexpensive, and is no more painful than a momentary sting. After your Botox  treatments you may resume all normal activities. Patients can see results in as few as four hours, but most results begin to show in two days with the full benefits realized in about 10 days.

Botox is a toxic botulinum that interferes with nerve impulses. In small doses Botox, is completely safe as it temporarily paralyzes the muscles that cause frown lines in the face. As the muscle is paralyzed, the skin is smoothed and the wrinkles disappear. Many of the physicians using Botox are reporting that their patients are seeing dramatic results. Some patients feel that they are able to postpone planned cosmetic surgery.

Botox has been used safely and effectively now for many years to treat a variety of disorders. Now, finally, it has become one of the most popular treatments today for reversing the visible signs of aging. If those expression lines and lines derived from squinting as a result of sun glare are making you look older than your years, or are giving you the appearance of a frown or scowl, then discover Botox and put on a happy face!

Our eyes project an image of who we are, as they say the eyes are the windows of the soul. Therefore it is very important to make the most of one of our most striking and attractive features. If our eyes look well rested, youthful and enthusiastic, most people will assume that is how we are feeling. If our eyes project a tired, depressed and uninterested look, people will assume the worst.

When wrinkles, lines, and puffiness develop (sometimes at all too early an age), the eyes give an inaccurate reflection of our emotional state or energy level. It is bad enough when we see this reflected in our own mirror, but even worse when we are constantly asked if we have had enough sleep. No one wants to look older or more tired than they really are, so if your eyes are giving a false impression it’s time to take action.

It is important for people to realize that the more you maintain your skin, especially when you are  in your 20s and 30s, the less you will have to overhaul when you get older. So it is important to get on a skin care program, with special eye cream products in your 20s and then you will be able to hold off on the cosmetic procedures until much later. There are many beauty tips and skin care programs that can help to keep the skin moist and supple, and many of these will also help to keep the eyes looking their best.

It is also very important to get enough sleep, as not enough of it leads to puffy and baggy eyes... Eat healthy as well. It is  not just a cliché. To a great extent you are what you eat, and it is necessary to have a diet that is rich with foods containing Vitamin A to provide nutrients for your eyes and enhance vision

When you reach your 30s and the crow  feet, or laughter lines start to show, you can always have botox, which is becoming more and more popular with the younger generation
When you get past your 40  and your eyelids start to sag, never fear, modern technology has already got a solution for you. It is the time to take advantage of the great cosmetic surgical techniques that exist today which can eliminate these issues and bring back “your lost youth”.

A loss of volume in your cheeks can have an effect on the overall shape of your face. However, fillers are great for those deep wrinkles and lines that are present for a long time. They are caused by sun damage and the natural ageing process. Deeper lines and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes can also be treated with fillers.
Mesotherapy involves painless micro-injections of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, just beneath the skin’s surface. It is effective for various indications including skin rejuvenation, cellulite reduction and hair loss.
Modern crystal Ultrapeel with Transderm  Dermoelectroporation
Most of women are suffering from skin problems like pigmentations, wrinkles and lifeless skin. They are also fed up of using creams and medications which don’t  give the optimal results. 
Our Ultrapeel is a new digitally controlled microdermabrasion which performs exfoliation of the skin to remove all the dead cells. It is nonsurgical procedure; however it gives you a very clear and healthy skin.
After the peeling process the skin will need vitamins (mesotherapy). In the past the only way was injection of vitamins ( mesotherpy) ;but this is no more with our advanced Transderm Dermoelectroporation digital device which transfer a significant amount of drugs (for instant :botox , mesotherapy and local anesthetic  ) without the use of a needle and without pain 

Breast Reduction & lift

A Breast reduction operation is performed to reduce the size of a woman  breasts and to enhance their shape so that they are more in proportion with her body. Breast size and shape can affect a woman well being, self image, psyche and lifestyle. Although usually done for younger women, the operation may be done for women of any age. The operation is one of the most commonly performed and the results are therefore predictable. Despite the permanent scars that are left by the operation, these patients feel liberated after the procedure and are amongst the happiest in any plastic surgeon  practice. Medical aids frequently help to pay a portion of the fee.

A Breast lift operation is desired when breasts sag after multiple pregnancies or significant weight loss. For many women, the size, shape, or contour of their breasts do not fit their self-image. This remarkable procedure is designed to elevate and reshape the breast providing a youthful appearance. A breast lift is sometimes performed in conjunction with breast augmentation.

How are these procedures performed
The procedure is performed in an operating theatre, almost always under general anaesthetic. You may require in hospital stay, although for some patients, day case surgery is possible. The operation takes between two and four hours depending on what needs to be done. Prior to the operation, the incision lines and the new nipple and areolar position will be marked on your skin. Once asleep, the nipples and areolae will be moved to their new location, the excess breast tissue excised and the breasts shaped. The wounds are closed using dissolving stitches and a dressing applied. A small rubber drain may be used to remove any blood or fluid which may accumulate.

What are the possible complications?
Temporary side effects that may occur with both reductions and lifts include bruising, swelling, tightness or tenderness of the breasts, some degree of numbness and itching as the wounds heal. Complications which can occur might be bleeding, infection, skin loss or poor healing, Some degree of asymmetry is almost invariably present afterwards, but in the vast majority of cases this is mild and perfectly acceptable. Most complications, if they occur, are usually minor and do not necessitate a return to the operating theatre.

There will be a inverted T shape scar which gradually becomes less noticable over six to twelve months after surgery.

Loss of sensation due to nerve damage, difficulty with milk production later on maybe encountered in one out of four patients undergoing breast reduction but are unusual with breast lifts.

Your recovery
The recovery period is about two to three weeks at which stage you can return to work. The breasts may be tender or numb for a few months after surgery. The effect of breast reduction and lifts are permanent and dramatic, but the breasts will continue to be subjected to the laws of gravity over many years to come.






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