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Pediatric Clinic Clinic



Integrated equipped clinic with observation and vaccination room


1- Medical Care for infant & Children since birth. 

2- Follow up of growth and development in children 

3- Management of most pediatric diseases (respiratory System and bronchial   Asthma ,

          Digestive system ,Blood Diseases, Kidney ,Dematology And Infectious diseases

4- Vaccination. 

5- Health education for breast feeding, weaning and good nutrition. 

6- Psychological advice in children (stammering speech and nocturnal enuresis) 

7- Giving nebulizer for bronchial asthma. 

8- Giving intra venous fluids for mild or moderate dehydration. 

9- Medical care and health education for kids in nursery.






Under The Supervision of : Dr. Shaimaa Khalil Rihan