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welcome to

Dr. Ayad Al-Shakarchi Medical Center

Here, we provide you the latest and most advance medical care which will fulfill your health needs and concerns. We guarantee our patients a sophisticated level of care and services consistent with the highest international standards in a professional and personalized manner.

Our slogan

A new expansion combines the latest technology and knowledge in modern medicine with renowned practitioners in their field to offer the

finest private healthcare in Doha.

Bridge of trust

Dr. Ayad Al-Shakarchi Medical Center has established a reputation of excellence in healthcare .Through the dedication, perseverance and hard work of the medical and management staff .Our clinic has successfully treated thousands of patients over the last few years


A brief about the center foundation

In 2009, Dr. Ayad Al Shakarchi Medical Center was opened. Our center has achieved remarkable progress in winning the trust of local communities, major companies such as airlines and well-known insurance companies. With our competence and excellent quality services, we became known globally.